Power Conversion Kit for MK2 DPM

Power Conversion Kit for MK2 DPM

VAT included
  • Turns MK2 Porter into Power Porter

  • Camo Battery bag

  • New controller and improved electronics

  • Replaces existing axle

  • Forward and reverse controls

  • 1 year guarantee



Introducing the Camo Version of our very popular MK2 Power conversion kit

The new 2022 MK2 power kit consists of a new 24v battery, controller and new electronics. The kit simply bolts on and the new front axle unit with motor and wheel replaces your existing axle.

Setting up is the same as putting on a standard axle and wheel and the hand control includes a kit to attach to existing handles. Features forward and reverse controls and new speed control with LED battery light.

Includes: battery, battery bag, charger, safety fuse, adjustable speed hand controller, new improved motor controller, axle, motor and wheel assembly.

1 year guarantee.