Power Conversion Kit for Big Boy/Tri-Porter DPM

Power Conversion Kit for Big Boy/Tri-Porter DPM

VAT included


  • Converts MK2 Tri-Porter/Big Boy Tri-Porter into a Power-Porter

  • Camo Battery bag

  • New controller and improved electronics

  • Replaces existing axle

  • Forward and reverse controls

  • 1 year guarantee



Introducing the camo version of our ever popular Big Boy/ Tri-porter conversion kit. 


The Big Boy/Tri-Porter Power Kit is everything you need to convert a Big Boy Tri-Porter or MK2 Tri-Porter into Power Porter.  Extra capacity batteries give approx. 2 hours continuous run time. Includes charger, batteries electrics etc. 


  • UK made axle and all electronics
  • Custom UK made motor and gearbox
  • All terrain tyre
  • 1 year guarantee
  • Top grade, high capacity batteries
  • CNC machined locking and unlocking hub