Reasons to buy a Carp Porter

If you are considering buying a barrow but may be undecided hopefully we can help you decide.

Ten reasons why we think buying a carpporter is a good decision over our competitor’s barrows.

Carp Porter is established over 30 years. We have expertise as tubular engineers and design our products in house. We have nearly 25 years of being undisputed leaders in tackle transportation. WE ARE THE ORIGINAL AND MANY BELIEVE THE BEST. WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT SPECIALISE IN BARROWS AND METAL TUBULAR ENGINEERED BEDS AND CHAIRS.

Our dealers tell us that carp porter outsell the closest competitors by a large margin. SINCE ITS INTRODUCTION THE MK2 HAS BEEN THE BIGGEST SELLING BARROW BY FAR. Such is the success of carpporter that some shops only stock carp porter barrows.

We innovate; we were the first company with a carp wheelbarrow, we hold patents on adjusting side and front bars. The first to invent triporters, the only company with a power porter. The first with puncture proof wheels. The list goes on, In fact every barrow is a derivative of carp porter with the same basic design

We have a massive list of spares and accessories. We are the only company that offers a comprehensive back up of parts. (Check our spares website). THIS IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE WE WILL KEEP YOUR CARP PORTER GOING FOR MANY YEARS. Many customers approach us for spares to fit rival companies barrows as these companies do not normally carry a comprehensive range of spare parts.

Some products still UK manufactured. Original carp porters still going strong after 20 years. Majority of top anglers in the know use carp porter, even if not sponsored.

An important philosophy is that the bags and accessories are compatible for many years. The width of the frame for the fat boy mk2 and all barrows are the same for the last 20 years. This means that the latest luggage will fit virtually every carp porter ever made.

Carp porter believes in upgradability. For example if you are on a limited budget and buy a mk2 basic, subsequently you can build it into a complicated barrow with y bar side bags front wheels and even a motor. WE LEAVE IT TO YOUR IMAGINATION.


Because carp porter are a small independent company, and we don’t employ loads of paid sales reps, or overpaid consultants we pass on these savings to our consumers. In fact our advertising expenditure is very small, this is because most sales are by recommendations and reputation. THIS TRANSLATES INTO BETTER VALUE FOR MONEY FOR OUR CARP PORTER OWNERS. JUST CHECK THE VALUE FOR MONEY FOR YOURSELVES.

Every carp porter is backed by a comprehensive guarantee. Easy to register online.