MK2 Carp-Porter

MK2 Carp-Porter

  • Available in Carp Porter Stockists
  • Extremely stable
  • Includes drop in bag with side access
  • Compatible with all Carp Porter accessories
  • Folds flat
  • Folding side bars adjust to carry largest beds.
  • Can be motorised 
  • Includes a Y bar and rod clip 


The MK2 Carp Porter has stood the test of time and arguably the biggest selling barrow in the angling market.


It comes with its included centre bag and Y-Bar as standard. The centre bag is ideal for any spare items you can’t fit in your carryall, such as clothes, bait, or food for your session ahead. The Y-Bar means your rods are nicely secure on the top of your barrow, and another nice feature is its Y-Bar clip to keep your rods locked down.


It also features adjustable mud feet; these ensure the barrow doesn’t fall over when you arrive at your swim.


Although compact in its standard size, the extendable front and side bars means it can be set up to carry enough kit for a day session or fully extended to carry large amounts of kit for a weekends angling.


The MK2 is available in both Olive Green and our very popular Dpm pattern.


So there you go, our tried and tested MK2 Carp Porter, the OG of Carp fishing transportation and its available now at your local Carp Porter retailer.



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MK2 Carp Porter assembly guide

All parts, diagrams and instructions to assemble your MK2 barrow.

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