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NEW FOR 2018

Power Porter 24v EVO

New 24v Power Porter EVO MK6

Introducing the New 24v Power Porter EVO. The most powerful Porter to date!

Same features as 12v with important additions. 
1. Increased power with 2x 12v batteries included.
2. New powerful 24v motor.
3. 24v electrics with soft start and programmed slow reverse.

This amazing new 24v Power Porter is designed for the anglers that require  the ultimate. Designed to draw less current than a normal 12v and give more torque and power on the most demanding terrain. 
Both batteries contained in a single bag and charging is via a single plug in lead. No need to remove batteries.
24v has all the features of the 12v including sealed electrics and declutch drive unit for freewheeling.

Includes batteries, charger, rear triporter kit and inner bag.



RRP £750 plus delivery.

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